Automation & Play out

Broadcast Playout Solution on a Mac

OnTheAir Node

Playout Server on Mac – Controlled by OnTheAir Live or OnTheAir Manager and opened to third party. OnTheAir Node has no user interface. It is the client application that you use that determines how you are going to be using it.





OnTheAir Video

Advanced and reliable playout solution with an unequaled ease of use.Schedule your Playout for 24/7 unattended playout. OnTheAir Video is in use by many TV stations worldwide as their main automation software. Thanks to an easy to use scheduler, you can schedule playlists to be played automatically at given time of days. Prepare your playlists and schedules in advance and let OnTheAir Video do the rest. OnTheAir Video can play 24/7 for days and days without having to worry about it.