Standalone DDP Series

The standalone DDP systems are all-in-one systems. As ethernet based SAN systems both storage and Metadata Controller AVFS are integrated in one and the same system. Also for both AVFS and data transport, one and the same ethernet network is used. On top of this all software is developed by Ardis Technologies. So the phrase: one system, one network and one manufacturer is really true here. The Standalone DDP series offers a solution for any size edit boutique. There are more then 40 different DDP versions.

Mini DDP & Micro DDP Series

The miniDDPseries can be supplied with 24, 32 or 48 SSDs and the microDDP series have 2 SSDs. The DDP is a unique storage server. DDP storage shows up as local drives on the desktops and such a drive behaves like a normal local drive. The same DDP drive behaves for your colleagues with the same write and read possibilities as well. DDP drives uses iSCSI protocol, because uses IP and Ethernet cabling. To allow everyone using such a DDP drive and to be able to simultaneously write and read, Ardis Technologies developed the AVFS (Ardis Virtual File System) technology.

DDP Head

Each DDP Head has all DDP software installed while the storage is held in the DDP16EX(R) storage array(s).


DDP16EX is expandable unit which adds extra capacity and bandwitdh to existing DDP system. DDP16EX(R) can be added to any existing Standalone DDP Series or DDP Head and daisy chain with up to 8 units per one SAS-RAID PCIe expansion card.




DDP, a SAN storage server which connects to standard Ethernet and provides high bandwidth project and file level based sharing for applications such as those from Avid, Apple, Adobe, Digidesign, Merging, Nuendo, Sequoia, Fairlight and others all out of one box.

The DDP provides full Project and File Level Based Sharing for all applications with any video, audio and film format DV to 4K/ DPX/ Cineon:
  • Avid
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Pro Tools
  •  EVS
  • Adobe
  • Grass Valley
  • Telestream
  •  DVS
  • Digital Vision
  •  Autodesk
The DDP can be integrated with:
  • Interplay
  • Final Cut Server
  • Build4Media
  • MAM and Backup systemsc


DDP for Avid Editors

Compared to Avid ISIS there are also differences:

  1. The DDP being an Ethernet based SAN, has a higher bandwidth per workstation per GbE connection.
  2. The DDP has full file level based colaboration between Avid edit applications & Pro Tools and between Pro Tools and other audio and 3rd party tools.
  3. The DDP can also be used in setup with Avid Nitris DS, RP workstations and indexers.
  4. The DDP integrates perfectly with Final Cut Pro, Autodesk, Adobe Premiere, Edius and many others.
  5.  Attractive price with DDP model for every budget.


Pro Tools editors can collaborate with projects and media when using the DDP