Signal Processing

openGear provides the industry with the most flexible and advanced terminal equipment to select products from a wide range of technology leaders, all in one platform under one control system.
GearLite products are small and portable modules designed as Point-of-Use product.
BlackStorm Playout Server excels as an easy-to-use Production Clip Player with a comprehensive production workflow.
The MC1 is an openGear, card based master control, which integrates seamlessly into any of our routers from the NK product line.
The RossGear product line offers a wide range of analog and digital products to cover all your A/V distribution, conversion and interface needs.
At-A-Glance Features NK Series Crosspoint Matrices Comprehensive product family Full range, from 16×4 to 144×144 sizes Wide range of matrix types Modular 64x, 72x, and 144x designs 144x features redundant crosspoint matrices, power and control.